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Upon hearing the first sentence you notice a distinctive voice:  Rich, powerful yet soulful at the same time.


With a combination of complex yet accessible chords where modulations go by with discretion, we find a record where imposing strong melodies are mixed with sophisticated jazz arrangements.


Here’s how one could sum up Patrick McCarthy’s style: A mixture of skillfully crafted original songs inspired by the essence of timeless classics reinvented with a fresh new approach, embedded with the artist’s distinctive style tagged as #sophisticatedpop


Marking the new generation of crooners, the classically trained singer-songwriter has performed over 1200 shows across the world and one would argue that he was way overdue for his first record.


Why did he wait so long?  “I always wanted to travel the world, discover new countries and have a great life.  Having achieved and fulfilled that dream I am now more focused on legacy.  My new goal is to try to impact the world in a good way with my songs, knowledge and passion so the next step was clearly to put out a record that conveys my passion & values.  And to be honest it is a little scary, but yet so exiting.”


Having written countless songs for many artist he is now currently finishing a first EP with famed producer Guy Tourville and top musicians including Kaven Girouard (Celine Dion), Philippe Turcotte (Marc Dupré) & Sam Harrison (Corneille) to name a few.


Back from a 5 week tour in Greece the singer-songwriter is presently polishing is debut EP before it’s soon release and like Frank Sinatra said “The best is yet to come”.

"… Entertaining, charismatic, energetic with vocal chops to spare all rolled up into one:  This is Patrick McCarthy.  A must see."  
Le Canada Français Magazine