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Upon hearing the first sentence you notice a truly distinctive voice:   Rich, powerful yet soulful at the same time.  

Marking the new generation of crooners, the classically trained singer-songwriter has performed over 1200 shows across the world, from Indonesia, USA, Thailand, the middle East all the way to Greece and many other countries over the past few years.  Incorporating his many influences from Pop, Jazz, Latin and Rock while still remaining true to the lost American art form, the born entertainer has been entertaining crowds worldwide with his unique style branded as 'sophisticated pop'.

More about Patrick Michael


From an early age, Patrick Michael discovered an ease and a pure love for music. Armed with an undeniable innate talent, an unwavering passion and ambition to spare, he honed is craft for many hours a day during most his childhood.  Realizing that music was his life he decided to pursue his studies in jazz/popular music at the renowned Sainte-Croix College while developing is other interest: classical singing.

After singing at a fashion event he quickly got noticed and was offered a record deal.  Patrick, then 21, worked night and day getting called even during the midnight hours to drive to the studio and record tracks for the project.  With people like Denis Savage (Celine Dion) tied to the project, the young man had finally reached his dream.  But unfortunately the company went bankrupt and thus put an end to his project, crushing his dream and destroying everything he had worked for.

Subsequently hired at the Manoir Bleury Le Bouthillier,  Patrick impressed with the power of his voice, his ease and charisma on stage and his ability to work the crowd. With a standing ovation on his first performance he quickly became a main attraction of the place where he perfected his craft on stage and his repertoire with nearly 500 performances over a period of 5 years. He then entered a singing competition (“Jeunes talents de la Montérégie”) which he won with the interpretation of his composition "Celui." Then followed several major shows, including a performance as a guest artist at the International Tennis Festival of Canada in front of 13 000 people and a 10 month tour with over 250 performances which led him to perform in many countries around the world including the Indonesia (Surabaya), Oman (Muscatt) and United States (Atlantic City).

During that same period, his composition "Maintenant ou jamais" sung by Marie-Chantal Cartier reached the top of the charts. Known for his strong melodies, Patrick quickly made its mark on the Quebec musical landscape as a composer, which brought him to several other collaborations, co-writing songs with Sandrine Roy (Garou, Bruno Pelletier), Karine Nguyen (Marie-Chantal Toupin, Gabrielle Destroismaisons), Martine Pratte (Ginette Reno, Marie Carmen) and Nicolas Guimont (Dany Bedar, Les Grandes Gueules).

Back from a tour in Greece and having just inaugurated the MSC Seaside with the likes of Andrea Bocelli & Ricky Martin, the charismatic performer is about to launch his latest art and just like Frank Sinatra said: “The best is yet to come”.

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